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We all want to make the most out of Summer, squeeze as much fun as we possibly can out of it, create lots of great memories, and feel our best throughout.


We've put together a list of five ways to help you feel and stay at your best.



#1  Make time for regular self-care


Self-care - We all know how important it is, and how much of a difference it makes to how we feel when we practice it. Amidst the busyness of Summer fun, we often forget to prioritise some downtime to calm and rejuvenate the mind and body.   

Tip: Light your favourite candle, put on a chill playlist, and relax in a scented bath of salts and essential oils.




#2  Give your lymphatic system a little TLC


Help your body cope with all the extra Summer social fun by supporting your lymphatic system - your body's natural detox system. 

Tip: Start your day with a natural body scrub or dry brushing to stimulate circulation and detoxification. After a shower, massage in some natural body oil blended with essential oils to soothe and invigorate.




#3  Practice some meditation


Practicing even five minutes per day of meditation or mindfulness has been shown to relax your mind and body and to support your adrenals and nervous system. Whether it's joining your local yoga centre or downloading a meditation app, there's a myriad of options to develop a meditation practice that you love.

Tip: Grab a yoga mat, put on some relaxation music and spend five minutes or more sitting or laying down somewhere quiet, focusing on your breathing and quieting your mind. If you find your mind start to wander and think about what you're doing next, etc, simply refocus on your breathing. You'll be amazed at what even five minutes of meditation can do to calm your body and mind.




#4  Eat more plants  


There's more nutrients easily accessible and utilised by your body in fresh, whole, plant-based foods, and that’s exactly what your body needs to function at its best.

Tip: Try a Buddha Bowl. You can find an abundance of delicious and nutritious Buddha bowl recipes online. Or, grab a coconut bowl (because everything tastes better in a coconut bowl) and get creative and fill it with your favourite combos of salads, veggies, nuts, seeds and dressing.




#5  Nature Therapy


Nature therapy, ecotherapy, forest bathing (or Shinrin-yoku), whatever form of outdoor nature-based relaxation method you want to use, it will leave you feeling more rejuvenated in no time. 

Tip: Forget the To Do list for a couple of hours, grab a roundie picnic rug, a good read, and head out into nature. Enjoy the feeling of everything slowing down, as you enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and nature.













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